Niphile. Niphile isikhathi eside. Niphile nize nibe nabazukulu. Nishone, nibe amadlozi amahle. Siqhubeke isizukulwane senu siphile. Kuphile izizukulwane ngezizukulwane zenu. Nibe nosikompilo lwenu oluvumelana nani. Nikhulisane. Nifundisane. Nilaphane. Nibe yisizwe esikhaliphile esikwazi ukuzondla. Niphile. Mese kufika abelungu ke…


In our last lecture at the Graduate School of Business, our professor displayed an academic record of an anonymous student, obscuring the name and personal details of the student. And then he asked us what we thought of the student’s academic performance. In truth, the academic record told a story of an average student. SeveralContinue reading “Relatable”

The Name Tiffany

The name Tiffany is not so popular with blacks here in Mzansi. I think we use it only when we book tiffany wedding chairs from our local Indian shop. Today, I met Tiffany Cebekhulu while paying at Checkers after I did my grocery. Uzwe kahle? Tiffany Cebekhulu. The contrast was too much for me toContinue reading “The Name Tiffany”

The Cooking Bachelor

Yazi, during my bachelor days, I thought that I’d give cooking a try. I remember doing a full grocery that day, stocking every cooking ingredient sold at Pick n Pay. I even had green and yellow pepper. And, I have no idea at what stage of cooking that goes in. Basically, I am useless atContinue reading “The Cooking Bachelor”

R210 for Wiseman

The last time ngaxhoshwa u-onions before this week was years back when, few months after my dad’s funeral, we went back in to the same church get my sister married. I remember this vividly. The isle on which his coffin had been ushered out for the last time was the very same isle that IContinue reading “R210 for Wiseman”

Teaching Learning Skills

Have you ever watched a football game where a striker faces an open goal and misses spectacularly?Often, that striker is unable to return back to the game effectively. His confidence is punctured an irreparable hole afterwards. This happens very often in our domestic leagues as opposed to European league games. The football fundis always talkContinue reading “Teaching Learning Skills”

Discouraged Black Man

Do you know what us discouraging to me as a black man from a township? Seeing my hero, my role model ending up in jail.That just kills me. It makes the entire life thing feel hopeless.I often pick my role models very selectively. The guys I aspire to be like are often people who foughtContinue reading “Discouraged Black Man”

Small Bite of Capitalism

In my thoughts, whenever I take a bite at the rot of capitalism I feel that my teeth aren’t sufficiently big or sharp enough because regardless of how hard I try, I cannot cause it any dent. It’s like trying to take a bite out of a rock, nothing will change. My internal injustice detectorContinue reading “Small Bite of Capitalism”

Causation vs. Correlation

There’s a huge difference between causation and correlation. Many. Many confuse these two lately. It’s quite distinct. It’s quite frankly embarrassing to have to explain it. Example…Let’s say you set your alarm to wake you up at 6am. Meanwhile, there is a bus that passes your house exactly at 6am. It can happen that wheneverContinue reading “Causation vs. Correlation”

Ukudla kwe-Tray

Ave kumnandi ukulethelwa ukudla nge-tray bakithi. Angisabali ke uma ezoqala ashuqule umshuqulo wesimanje. Lo ofana nowo Eryka Badu. Mese eza nendishi enamanzi antukuntuku. Elengise ithawula lokusula. Yikhona sizosula izandla mese sizigezile. Lize i-tray elinezibiliboco ezihloliwe zohlobo oluphambili. Ipleti lihamba no two piece walo we khentakhi. Kushawe ivosho encane, etshengisa inhlonipho. Maye! Kuhlohloze i-coke ebanda mpo.Continue reading “Ukudla kwe-Tray”